Souvenir Bears for the 25th Annual Kansas City Teddy Bear Jubilee

The 25th Annual Kansas City Teddy Bear Jubilee had a unique concept for souvenir bears. They asked artists who had made souvenir bears in the past to do a set of 5 bears. Conventioneers would be allowed to pick which bear they wanted. Terri Larson and I had each made convention souvenir bears in the past and we also collaborated with Joel Hoy in our Once Upon a Needle group to make souvenirs another year. So we all elected to do a piece. This meant that Terri and I made a lot more bears than Joel. How did that happen?

We decided out joint piece would be a scarecrow since the show had a fall theme. Terri made the heads and passed them on to me. I sewed on the ears and made the bodies and attached them. This was interesting because I had not made a ragdoll body for a bear before. I then passed the bears on to Joel who created the costumes.

Terri made these cute Autumn Clown bears in a basket of tiny “pumpkins”. I loved them so much, that’s the one I picked for my own!

And finally, here are my little Autumnal Bears with a collar of leaves and an acorn and holding their “25” tag in honor of the 25th Anniversary.

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  1. Hi Peggy

    I attended a Doll and Bear show this past weekend and was visiting with friends at the show. (Carolyn Jacobsen and Darlene Allen were there and some Clarion collectors) We talked about Steve and I was looking for info on His last year. Needless to say, I have been sitting here for the past 90 minutes looking at bears and reading all your wonderful posts. You should really write a book. Soooooo many, bears, dolls, etc. So many wonderful people and soooo many fond memories. So many wonderful shows and workshops. I started doing shows in 1989. Several friends called me part of the “second wave.” It is so sad Steve couldn’t have done Clarion 2015. Thank you for all you have done and for all you still do in our Teddy Bear World. Bear Hugs, Pat


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