2016 Fall Frolic

20161012_134522I managed to acquire a brown feather tree at a good price. It was made by Bethany Lowe and has been discontinued. I saw one years ago when I was shopping in Kansas City and always regretted not buying one, but they were pretty expensive. It is perfect for fall decorating.

I didn’t like the tin tree stand it came with, so I set the whole thing into this pretty jardiniere (also acquired at a bargain price!) and used the bright turquoise as an accent color. I made the beaded garlands myself, incorporating more of the turquoise. ¬†Over the years I have found various fall glass ornaments – leaf, acorns, squirrels, etc. They look great on this tree! I finally¬†have a perch for a prim owl by Martha Burch.

Squirrel Nuts

I added a spun cotton squirrel by Trish Lewsader of Lucky Duck Art to my collection this year. He’s a little bigger than the rest of the ornaments, but I like him just fine hanging at the bottom of the tree. There’s a vintage Steiff squirrel by the base of the tree.

More Blue for the Mantel

Continuing the blue, I placed some silk sunflowers in a blue pitcher I bought from Once Upon a Barn. I scoured the Planned Parenthood Booksale for the right colors of old books to use as a riser for the pitcher. Another little Steiff squirrel perches nearby and the tall cubby is filled with various autumn-themed items including a Halloween “Little Ginger” from Nancy Malay.